Our next show now confirmed is:

We are delighted to announce that Wimborne Musical Theatre Society is going to be back on stage!

We are performing a special show named “An Injection of Happiness”.

After what everyone has been through our show will be simply, 40, yes 40! upbeat, happy songs, selected to help wash away any blues you may still have. There will be songs from musicals, from film, and from TV, and we are throwing in some inspired comedy as well.

We are going to perform at different venues too. For the first time, we are at the Merryfield Theatre in the Verwood Hub on Saturday 23rd October for 2 performances, a matinee at 2.30pm and evening at 7,30pm.

Then we are at the Minster Theatre at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne on Saturday 20th November again for 2.30pm matinee and 7.30pm evening performances.

Tickets are £12 with Concessions at £10 [senior citizens (over 60) and children (under 16)]

We are having a relaxed approach to the shows with cabaret style seating, so you will not be all sitting in rows side by side; also bar facilities will be available. Combine that with great songs… what’s not to like!

Booking is available at both venues . The details are below:

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Westenders Rescheduled again…

So we have had to reschedule again due to that COVID-19 bug folks! Keep the faith.

Latest tentative dates subject to Government legislation…

The Hub – Saturday 23rd October 2021

The Allendale – Saturday 20th November 2021

Performance times as previously advertised.

More details as things firm up!

Watch this space.

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Westenders Rescheduled!

Welcome back – We’ve missed you!

Our next fund raising Concert show has now been rescheduled and we’d like to welcome you all back into the theatre.

We have two dates (four performances) for ‘Westenders‘ – Song and dance loosely linked to London in West End Shows with venues and new dates as follows:

More information to follow!

We thank you for your continuing support.


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COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Our rehearsals are currently suspended and many of our members are shielding. 

As restrictions ease we will keep you updated – Please keep an eye on the web site and our Social Media Channels.

Thank you for your continued Support


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Coming next …

Duncan and Bill discuss ‘Regeneration – Just Cant Stop the Music’

(with apologies to 'Alas Smith & Jones)

Saturday 30th November 2019

Wimborne Tivoli Theatre – 2:30 & 7:30pm

For Tickets Call: 01202 885566

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Regeneration – Just can’t stop the music

Need a boost to get you through the dreary winter gloom?

WMTS’s November show ‘Regeneration’ could be just the tonic. Upbeat anthems re-worked into contemporary musicals have been skilfully pulled together to tell a new life-affirming story that will have your feet tapping from the start and leave you dancing in the street.

Music from Queen, ABBA, Elton John and many more favourites. So grab your glad rags and join us at the Tivoli on Saturday 30th November to get your mojo running!

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Review: Scene One Plus Review of The Wizard of Oz

Wimborne Musical Theatre : Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : 26 June 2019

“… a production [sic] full of both talent and charm…”

Dorothy’s ruby slippers are tip-tapping across theTivoli stage this week as Wimborne Musical Theatre head in a very differentdirection from the comparative sophistication of their last two shows, SisterAct and 9 to 5. In many ways The Wizard of Oz isthe American parallel to Alice in Wonderland, with its innocent butresourceful young heroine and its surreal, dream-like quality. Like Alice here,it is deeply ingrained in American culture, aided by the classic 1939 filmstarring Judy Garland. There is a touch of pantomime in there, too, and Ialways want to boo and hiss the Wicked Witch of the West as vigorously as Iwould Abanazar or the Ugly Sisters.

Those iconic ruby slippers are on the feet ofHermione Mason, who as Dorothy holds the whole thing together. She makes aconvincing teenager, her American accent is sustained well without compromisingaudibility, and her attachment to the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion is touching.

Her three chums – the Scarecrow (Duncan Sayers),the Tin Man (John Bounds) and the Lion (Lee Neal) – are a strong team. They actexceptionally well off each other and Dorothy, and they are all blessed withfine singing voices. The Wicked Witch is a splendid part, broomstick, greenmake-up and all, and Jemma Cable goes to town with it, striding and cackling togreat effect. There is a very natural performance from Phil Evans as theWizard. Ron Kite and Selina Rumbold play the ‘American Gothic’ couple of UncleHenry and Aunt Em before transforming into the Wizard’s guard and the goodwitch, Glinda, respectively.

Director Duncan Trew makes good use of a constantlychanging set and what seems like an infinite number of backcloths. SuziDeVilliers provides some fairly straightforward but effective choreography –the Jitterbug scene is a highlight – and musical director Jonathan Spratt keepsup the high standard of singing for which this Society is known. The costumes,like the sets, are bought in – who would fancy making a Tin Man costume intheir spare time? – but the lighting effects, so important in this show, appearto be home-grown and head of lighting Luke Baines deserves a shout-out forthem.

The show itself has a couple of challenges foramateur companies to overcome with inevitable limited resources, and I don’tknow the answer to either of them. Toto the dog is played here by Bramble, whoalthough immaculately trained, at times wandered around the stage or pawed atDorothy’s dress while she is singing. This can be distracting and audiencelaughter at the dog’s antics sometimes masked important dialogue. Then there isthe tornado which blows Dorothy from Kansas to Oz; here it is conveyed withsome surging music and vigorous lighting effects, but the crew were visiblewhile busily changing the set.

Those criticisms of the material take nothing awayfrom this production, which is full of both talent and charm.

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Announcing Our Summer 2019 Show! The Wizard of Oz

WMTS is delighted to announce its major 2019 production in June will be THE WIZARD OF OZ!

This RSC stage version that was specially adapted from the original MGM 1939 film, features all the music and lyrics from it, such as ‘Over the Rainbow’, ‘Ding Dong The Witch is Dead’ and ‘We’re off to see the Wizard’, If I Only Had A Brain, …a Heart, …the Nerve… among many others. 

The show will be performed at the Wimborne Tivoli Theatre from the June 25th to 29th. Tickets are will be available from the Box Office at www.tivoliwimborne.co.uk from Tuesday 12th February.

“Like so many girls her age, little Dorothy Gale of Kansas dreams of what lies over the rainbow. One day a tornado hits her farm and carries her away over the rainbow to another world”. 

Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothy’s imagination.

This wonderful show is performed by WMTS’ experienced performers who have wowed audiences at the Tivoli for many years.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most successful musicals ever, and this version guarantees audiences of any age, a joyful and entertaining time. 

So don’t delay, join us ‘Over the Rainbow’ in ‘the Land of Oz’!

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Encore! Photos from our last show…

We thought you might like to have a look at some of the photos from ur last show, Encore! which played at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne in November 2018. For more than those featured below, why not check out our Facebook page?

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Review: Encore! at Tivoli Theatre – SceneOne Plus

It seems to have become a regular gig for me to review WMTS’s November show, but I’m not complaining: it is always an enjoyable evening and I am always impressed by the huge amount of work that has gone into a show that has only two performances, both on the same day.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, WMTS cast their net wide by encoring some of the shows they have put on in the last half-century. It provided plenty of variety, as well as the opportunity for the majority of the cast to have their moment in the spotlight. The show opened auspiciously with an impressively large and talented group of tap dancers giving their all in ‘42nd Street’. In fact, the dancing was excellent throughout, and Gemma Davis provided imaginative and attractive choreography.

 The ensemble seemed smaller than usual but made a pleasing sound, notably in ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, ‘9 to 5’, ‘Anything Goes’ (more good tap dancing here) and the complexly wonderful harmonies of ‘Who Will Buy?’. Comparing my notes and the programme afterwards, I found that of the solos I had jotted down as making a particular impression, two were sung by Julie Sissons: ‘I Whistle A Happy Tune’ and ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’. Also memorable were Selina Rumbold’s ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ and ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ by Heather Pretlove. Pam Mizon showed her talent for comedy in ‘Shall We Dance?’ and ‘60, Going On 70’, a hilarious parody of The Sound of Music, while Jemma Cable’s ‘I Hate Men’ was well acted.

A technical blip was that, especially in ensemble numbers, a mike was often turned up halfway through a soloist’s first line, so that the first few words were lost. It is infuriating when the performers have worked their socks off preparing a show but then are let down by the technical team. 

Having had my moan, I must emphasise that there was a lot to admire about the show (performed on a bare stage with few props and minimal lighting changes), not least the efforts of musical director Stuart Darling and his four-piece band. The speed of some of the costume changes must have beaten some records, too. If I am asked to keep up my record and to review next year’s show, I will be delighted to do so.

Originally published on SceneOnePlus.

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