REVIEW: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Review by Marilyn Barber of Dorset View Magazine and website

Wow – that was fun. And different- in fact a radical change for WMTS as it is not a traditional book musical with a story, but a series of vignettes, scenes and songs.

The second longest running Off-Broadway musical of all time, it is not often performed in UK amateur circles as it’s quite a challenge which this group more than rise up to.

With my programme in front of me – the theatre is set out cabaret style which really works well for this production – I started to circle names of performers who I thought were outstanding. There were a lot of circles.

Jemma Cable – a truly outstanding performer; Duncan Sayers – very versatile; Lee Neal – great voice and stage presence; Miki Koren and Selina Rumbold – combine comedy with great voices; Michael Leggett and Simon Langford – powerful performances and Pam Mizon and Marion Taylor – great emotion.

Ron Kite, John Bounds, Hilary Baker, Linda Robson, Debbie Potter-White and Julia Wass all also contribute with pzazz to this talented ensemble.

The adult humour is all delivered so well and the audience clearly loved every moment. We can all relate to more than one of the scenarios, which illustrate the ups and downs of dating, marriage, family life and relationships.

Huge accolades to director Duncan Trew, musical director Jonathan Spratt, choreographer Suzi De Villiers, stage manager Ray Baker and all those behind the scenes.

It’s a brilliant evening.

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