In The News: Honey the Dog Joins WMTS (Blackmore Vale)

More coverage for Honey, our famous canine cast member in the Blackmore Vale this week.

The old adage ‘never perform with children or animals’ is one that Wimborne Musical Theatre Society (WMTS) are happy to ignore. That’s because in their forthcoming concert, Sounds of the 50s and 60s, at the Tivoli Wimborne on Saturday 12th November, Honey, a pedigree Cavalier King Charles spaniel features in a big party scene in the show.

copy-of-img_1061Honey is an 18 month old female and as is with this breed has a lovely calm temperament and is very affectionate and sociable. She is owned by a local family who have kindly allowed her to ‘perform’ in the show – and she seems to be loving it

Society chairman Sylvia Walpole said: “At our recent rehearsal Honey has been just that quietly sitting and patiently waiting her cue. I must get all the members to do that. Does she steal the show? Well you will have to come to find out.”

The show features songs made famous from the early rock n rollers through to the ‘flower power’ groups, plus a few world famous songs from musicals of the time that have become standards today.

Once again WMTS have put together a strong team of local performers for their show which they will be performing at the Wimborne Tivoli Theatre on Saturday 12th November with a 2.30pm matinee and a 7.30pm evening performance.

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